3inch Junebug Paddle Tails

3inch Junebug Paddle Tails

These weigh 3gram and come with a hook slot along the belly of the lure. 

The body is designed to give a nice rolling action on a slow/steady retrieve and will fall head down with the tail kicking behind on the drop. 

The section between the body and tail has been designed relatively thin compared to most other lures of this style. This helps with more movement from the paddle tail but allows a slightly tougher grade of plastic to be used. 

The tail is made a couple of mm larger than the body to get the tail working from the moment it hits the water, on the drop and retrieve. Due to this these can be used in a variety of different retrieves from slowly bouncing the lure in along the side of kelp beds the get the attention of wrasse and pollock or a slow continuous retrieve over shallow rocky ground to entice a take from an awaiting bass. 

Recommended hooks for these are the Owner Twistlock Lights in 1/0 or wide gap plus in 1/0 wit a cone/bullet or cheb weight or a small jighead like the Owner Roundheads in 3.5g or 5g.

Pack of 7