Who We Are

We are a small family run, fishing lure manufacturing business based in Newcastle, Co. Down Northern Ireland.

From an early age I was introduced to boats and sea fishing for mackerel and pollock along the scenic coastline of Newcastle County Down. This progressed in my teenage years to spending my whole summers around the harbour and along the coast with rod in hand. With the increasing price of fishing tackle to keep up with my hobby it then led on to the start of a small fishing tackle stall at the local market.  

We then took the step to open our shop in 2018 and take the risk. After a few months it was clear this was not viable on the long term but we thought we would start manufacturing our own soft plastics to try save the shop. Before we had even launched any soft plastics we had pulled the plug on the shop and so the soft plastics became just a hobby. 

So for 2 years playing with soft plastics as a hobby from hand pours to injections we were having fun fishing with the lures ourselves but in 2020 when the pandemic hit we found ourselves out of work and we decided to launch our first variation of our soft plastic lure (5.25inch bulb tails) which has proved very popular for pollock, wrasse and the occasional bass and since then have launched the 3inch Neds for wrasse, a 7.25inch 17g version of our bulb tails specifically designed with the UK shore based bass angler in mind and now a smaller 3.25inch 1.5g version of our bulb tail for our LRF customers. 


Progressing through 2021 we will have 2 new designs being trialed and tested before coming to market around late June/early July.